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About The Corrupted

Welcome to the Corrupted, an Alliance level 25 'bit-of-everything' guild.  The Corrupted is a small, growing guild based on a relaxed, mature foundation to enjoy the full extent of World of Warcraft. 

We're comprised of a solid group of dedicated members who involve ourselves with everything Steamwheedle Cartel has to offer!  As a guild, we do everything from 10-man regular and heroic raids, 5-man dungeons, old raids, PvP and casual arena teams!

We are currently recruiting for new Mists of Pandaria content and seeking new raiders and PvPers looking to have a good time and eventually RBGs.  We're always seeking some enjoyment in running old content for our new and old raid runs and guild battlegrounds.


- MS before OS
- MS is the spec you are assigned at the first of the raid.

- If you have already won gear, in that night's raid, priority for other pieces will go to those who haven't.
- Patterns are to be rolled on by raid members with that profession, who does not already know it.
- Mounts are open roll for those who do not already have it on a toon.
- No whispering other raid members about drops they win.
**Exceptions may be made by GMs as needed.

Vent is needed for listening during raids, please download Ventrillo here. You must have also have the Deadly Boss Mods Addon to help with fight management.

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